Best Doctors gives people something priceless: peace of mind

Best Doctors provides access to expert medical specialists who help you understand your medical condition and treatment options, so you make the right decisions about your care.

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“The Best Doctors expert gave us our child back."

“I was able to manage a very difficult time in my life.”

“I had the information I needed to make the final decision.”

“I was able to manage a very difficult time in my life.”

Best Doctors?

We provide medical advice and information for people who have been diagnosed with a serious or worrying medical condition. We’ve built an exclusive database of medical specialists from around the world who have been chosen by other doctors as the best.


We Do?

Our unique service enables people to have their medical case assessed by a world-class physician who will provide them with a definitive second opinion based on the most up-to-date medical knowledge available.


We Help?

We help individuals and their families to receive the best medical care. Find out how Best Doctors can help you retain customers and attract new ones by adding a tangible value to your insurance products, employee or subscriber benefits.


News & Webinars

Wired magazine’s Wired Science blog gets Best Doctors’ take on Watson and the future of “robodoctors” in the health care space.

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Right Diagnosis. Right Treatment.

Best Doctors provides access to leading medical minds from around the world. So you can be confident you’re making the right decisions about your medical care.